Remote Video Conference 

How does it work?​​

  1. Schedule a meeting, by using the "Schedule an Appointment" button located at the top of the page. If you want a remote meeting, please choose the the corresponding meeting request. If you are unsure of the services you may need or it isn't listed, please call our office at 407-830-5717 for further assistance.

  2. After scheduling an appointment you will receive an organizer package, via email, to help you get your documents together.

    1. We request that you forward us the specific information required, getting it into our hands 48 hours prior to meeting. Ways of transmitting your records will be outlined in the organizer package.

    2. *Please note* Your meeting may need to be rescheduled in order to account for preparation time prior to the meeting.

  3. Once the records are received, we will confirm the meeting time and date via email.  ​

  4. During the meeting you will discuss your specific needs directly with the CPA who will be in charge of preparing your services.

    1. A quote will be provided at the end of the meeting after the CPA has a better understanding of what your specific needs are.  

  5. Following the meeting an engagement letter and quote will be sent to confirm the agreement of the necessary services. Return the signed engagement letter.

  6. Once the service has been completed we will notify you of its completion by email, and ask for your preferred forwarding method. 

  7. Upon payment of the invoice we will forward you the completed service.

How to set-up Remote Video Conference:

  • For Smartphone/Tablet Use:
    1. If you are using a smartphone, navigate to your app store and download the Zoom mobile app, or click the link corresponding to your device below:

    2. Once the Zoom app has been installed, open the app.

    3. Click the “Join a meeting” button at the bottom right side of the screen.

    4. Zoom will prompt you to enter in a meeting ID number and password, which we will provide to you in the confirmation email. Enter in the information and hit done.

    5. Zoom will then prompt you to connect the audio and video on your mobile device. Enable both audio and video and press “Join”.


  • For Windows or Mac Users using a Web Brower (Webcam and Microphone required):

  1. Copy the URL from the provided Zoom web conference email.

  2. Navigate to your desired web browser, and paste the link to into the brower search bar hit enter.

  3. Zoom will then prompt you to enter in the Meeting ID and Password which will be provided in the Zoom confirmation email.

  4. Zoom will then prompt you to enable a video and audio input and output.

  5. Configure your Audio and Video and click "Join the meeting".

  • For Windows or Mac users with Zoom Desktop (Webcam and Microphone required):
  1. Open up the Desktop Client

  2. Click “Join a Meeting”

  3. Enter in the provided Meeting ID # and password

  4. Enable your video and audio settings, by choosing the devices you would like to use on your computer and click “Join”​​


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